The requirements to join the IOC are:

- A basic level of fitness
- To have access to basic outdoor equipment such as raingear, hiking shoes, headlamp
- Be able to understand simple English* (However, if you can't that does not prevent you from participating in IOC activities if you are serious about joining)

*The IOC official language is English as that is the common language used for all international members. The IOC is NOT intended to be used as a language exchange program.

IOC Constitution: see here

There are three ways to join:

1- Come to the IOC Monthly Get-Together.

It is usually held on the evening of the second Saturday of the month. You get to meet members and find out more about the Club. A registration form should be available at the meeting (you can also download it below), you can fill it in, sign it and hand it over to the IOC Secretary along with the fees (see below).

Please, check the calendar for date and place of the next IOC Monthly Get-Together.

2- Join an event.

As a non-member, you may join any IOC event* once to see if you enjoy our club atmosphere.
(*your first trial event must be 2 stars or below)

You get a real experience and learn more about how IOC events are organised. If you want to join IOC during your first event, you may download the registration form, fill it in completely, sign it on both sides and hand it over to an IOC Committee member along with the fees (see below).

Please, check the calendar for date and place of upcoming events.

3- If you are unable to join the monthly get-together or any upcoming event, you can contact the IOC Secretary to find another solution.

Registration form: see here


- 1 year (April-March) 3000 yen

- 6 months (April-September or October-March) 2000 yen

The 6-month membership is only available to New Members joining the club after September and Regular Members, leaving the country before October. Membership fees are not refunded or adjusted on a pro rata basis if the Regular Member leaves Japan during the membership year.

IOC Post office account information is available on the online registration form (see above). However, please confirm with the IOC secretary before depositing money into this account. Thank you!   

Feel free to contact IOC Secretary for more information.