Kansai International Outdoor Club Website Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What is the Kansai International Outdoor Club?

The Kansai International Outdoor Club is a group of people of different nationalities who participate in a wide variety of outdoor sporting activities. All of the activities are organized by the members themselves. As a member, feel free to join as many events as you like.


Who is eligible to join IOC Kansai?

You must be over 20 years old to join IOC Kansai.


How much does it cost to join?

A 1 year (Apr-Mar) membership costs JP 3000 yen.
A 6-month (Apr-Sep or Oct-Mar) membership costs JP 2000 yen.

NOTE: The 6-month single membership is only available to new members joining the club after August, and present members who are going to be leaving Japan before September.


Who is eligible to join events?

Most events are open to all members, but some events requiring more advanced outdoor skills may be limited. A minor (under 20 years of age) can only join an event under the assistance of the legal guardian and at the discretion of the event leader. The leader shall have the final say regarding who may join the event.

The Kansai International Outdoor Club uses a star rating system to indicate the level of difficulty and skill level required for the event. Please click here for more details: Star Rating System.


I am interested in outdoor activities such as hiking and camping and cycling, but I don’t have much experience. Are there any activities for me?

Yes! We regularly plan activities for all levels of experience and ability.


I want to join the outdoor club but I am worried about my English ability. Will I be able to participate in the club events?

During get-togethers and trip planning, members usually speak English.


How many people are in the club? What are the nationalities of the people in the club?

As of April 2014, the IOC has 53 members, 22/31 mixed male/female and 30/23 Japanese/international.


How are the events organized?

Events are planned by the members themselves. If you are interested in planning an IOC activity, you have to be a member and then submit your event plan through the dedicated page (member access only). The event is then uploaded on the IOC website Calendar and Club members receive notification of upcoming trips by email.


What to wear and bring on a hike?

There is a dedicated page in the "Events" section that give information about that.


Will I receive IOC emails ?

You will receive emails for new event announcements and sometimes for general IOC committee information. Be sure to check your email Junk Box if you do not receive any emails from IOC. If in doubt, please contact the IOC Secretary.


I’d like to change my e-mail address on IOC server.

It is possible to change your email address, login name and password on your control panel (Members>My information) after logging in to the website.


What should I do if I have joined the club and paid the registration fee but have not received any emails from the IOC?

Please contact the IOC Secretary if you have any difficulty. It is possible there was a misspelling or typing mistake when entering your information.


update 03/Sep/2016