Avtivity report of Rokko Juso hiking 2

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Date: December 17, 2017 (Saturday)
Weather: Fair with occasional clouds
Duration: Shin Kobe Station 9:00 am
Sumaura Koen Station 17:45pm
Distance: Approximately 25K with some detours.
Participants: Tomo, Anne, Tosh and two guests.

Trip Report: This hike was intended to cover the western segment of Mt.Rokko starting at Shin Kobe
Station criss crossing Nunobiki Falls, Ichigahara, Nabebuta-yama, Kikusui-yama, Takatori-yama,
the Suma Alps, Yokoo-yama, Takakura-dai, Hatafuri-yama and all the way
to Sumaura Koen Station.

We were blessed with the lovely wintery weather throughout our journey which took almost
9 hours. The entire trail could be divided into three segments. The first segment of the trail
starting at Shin Kobe Station stretched all the way to Kikusui-Yama via Ichigahara and Nabebuta-yama
with some steep "ups and downs" taking a toll on our knees. We had our lunch break at Kikusui-yama.

Descending from Kikusui-yama, the next segment of our trail followed through Hiyodorigoe residential area
(this is where we got lost trying to find our way out of the narrow winding streets) before arriving at
Takatori-yama entrance. The ascent was not as hectic as the previous segment but our group became
very quiet as fatigue began to prevail. Descending from Takatori-yama, Anne decided to call it a day
and took a subway back home from Myouhouji Station. Good job, Anne!

It was nearing 4 p.m by the time we arrived at the foot of the Suma Alps, the final stretch of our trail.
Expecting that this is by far the most spectacular segment of our trail, we hurried our ascent to take
a good view of the landscape before sunset. Tomo's friends were quite impressed with the view and
enjoyed walking the knife ridge. (Umanose or the horse back)
We followed our trail to the summit of Yokoo-yama knowing that we have to take care of the steep stairs
leading down to Takakura-dai. I didn't count the number of steps but it must have been more than 400 or so !

It was getting really dark. We took a mini-break at Peacock Store to fill our empty stomach to complete
the remainder of our trail which included another hectic and steep ascent of stairs leading up to the
observatory before reaching Hatafuri-yama. From there, it was just a short descent to Sumaura-Koen station.

We were pretty tired, to say the least but also very content now that all those agonizing moments are behind us.
Thank you everyone for your participation !

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