Ashiya Rock Garden New Year Sunrise Hike 2020

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Event:Ashiya Rock Garden New Year Sunrise Hike


Date & Time (duration):

January 1, 2020 5:30a.m.-09:00a.m.

Weather: Fair

Location: Ashiya Rock Garden “Kazefuki Iwa” and “Sandwich Rock”

Participants: Anne, Sara & Yuta Nishimoto, Joerg, Jeongmi and Tosh

Trip Report:

We met at Hankyu Ashiyagawa station at 5:30 a.m. With the help of head light, we began our ascent on the “Central Ridge”. As it was still very dark, we followed our path with caution as certain segments of our trail were quite exposed. We arrived at “Kazefuki-Iwa” just in time for the sunrise. After observing the sunrise, we decided to move to a less crowded spot to sit down and have a little snack with a good view of Osaka and surrounding mountains. Having spent a leisurely moment on the “Sandwich Rock”, we took a variation route via “Castle Wall” to “Kouza Fall.”

It was a short hike. but participants truly enjoyed the view and the mild weather.

Anne & Tosh

Pictures are below
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