Organizing an IOC Activity

To organize an event, please copy and paste below, fill the details, and send to Estella.
Event name:
Date & Time (duration):
Description of the event/course:
Meeting point and time:
Transportation & accommodation (including costs):
Requirements/What to bring:
Max # of participants:
Deadline for sign-up:
Cancellation policy:
Special note:
* Emergency contact list is required for any event rating 3-star or higher

If the event fulfils the IOC requirements, it will be published on IOC's calendar and an email will be sent to all the affiliated members. If it cannot be published, you will receive an email from the activity coordinator.

When the hikes are more demanding, at each starting point of the trails you may see some mountain boxes. In these boxes, you can leave detailed information about your trip in case rescue teams would have to intervene. Here is a template you can print and fill in. Later a better version will be available.

Cancellation Policy

1. Respect the event leader and apply to an event only if you are sure you will be able to participate. Cancellation at the last minute often causes a lot of trouble for the leader.

2. For events where prior payment is necessary (i.e. to rent a car, book flights or book rooms),
the leader has the right to ask for the money in advance.

3. For special events, any member who cancels after the sign-up deadline is responsible for paying
the activity fee to the club.

4. If non-members want to attend IOC special events (intended for members), we will require
payment of non-member participation fee which will be specified by the special event


How to Organize an Event

For useful tips on organizing an event, see the article below:


If you don't feel confident organizing an IOC activity, the best way is to talk to other IOC members who have experience. They can put your mind at ease and give you useful advice. You can also ask to be a co-leader to help you understand how to organize an event.

But you can still prepare your event by following these easy steps:

  1. Choose an Activity - This can be any outdoor activity that you are interested in, even if you are not highly skilled in the activity yourself.
  2. Choose a Date - If you are flexible, consult the Activity Coordinator to determine a day when no other similar event is taking place.
  3. Choose a Location
  4. Get a Map - Either borrow or buy one. Generally the blue ‘Yama to Kogen’ maps available at Kinokuniya and many book stores are suitable for most hikes.
  5. Study the map - If you are not confident with map reading, ask another IOC member to help you. Information to get from the map.
    a) how many hours for the hike (allowing spare time). Then decide what time the event should begin, in order to finish well before dark.
    b) Choose a convenient meeting point.
    c) Grade the event according to the IOC Star Ratings System.
  6. Get Transportation Information - schedules and fares. You can check this using the Internet. or call up the local tourist information center (TIC). The Japan National Tourist Organization has a website,, which provides useful information on interesting places to visit.
  7. Check Accommodation - (if applicable)
    a) Cost per night
    b) Availability and cost of meals
    c) Rules for making reservations
    d) Provision of towels/bedding etc.
  8. Choose Group Size - The size of group that you would like to lead (over 20 for a day hike can be logistically complicated)
  9. Check Weather Forecast - For English weather forecast, check the websites:, and For recorded message weather forecasts in Japanese, dial:
    a) For 1 week forecast: area code ? 371 ? 9999
    b) For 3-day forecast: area code ? 177
  10. Equipment List - any special items required by participants e.g. helmet, crampons etc. 
  11. Give details to Activity Coordinator - fill in the Event Template with detailed information and send it to Activity Coordinator
  12. Problems? For example: -
    a) Can’t speak Japanese or English ? Find a co-leader who can!
    b) Can’t read a map ? Find a co-leader who can!
    c) Have no mobile phone ? Ask another member to act as contact only for your event.
    d) Bad weather ? Cancellation of an event is the decision of the organizer. If, however, all participants can’t be contacted beforehand, the leader is responsible for ensuring that someone goes to the designated meeting point to inform everyone.
  13. Responsibility - As leader of an activity, you are expected to do your best to make sure that information is accurate and that participants are not exposed to any danger. However, participants must realize that all kinds of unexpected hitches can occur, and ultimately each person is responsible for his / her own welfare at all times.

If you still feel insecure about leading an activity, speak to the Committee about the possibility of co-leading an event for your first time. You will find that it is really enjoyable and fun!


Update 28/April/2014