Club Equipment Policy

  1. IOC equipment is for the use of all members.
  2. Members wishing to use club equipment should first check the Equipment Reservations and Conditions to see if anyone else has already reserved it.
  3. Events posted on the message board have priority as long as booking is made at least 15 days before the events.
  4. Use of club equipment is not restricted to events posted on the message board only. Any member can use the equipment at any time, provided they have reserved it with the equipment coordinator in advance. Club equipment booking for private events is however limited to 15 days before the event.
  5. If more than one group want to use the equipment on the same dates, the committee will make the final decision.
  6. If the equipment is available, members should make their own reservation with the equipment coordinator, who will update the equipment website accordingly.
  7. Once a reservation has been made, the reserving member should contact whoever has the equipment and arrange to collect it. If a parcel delivery service (Takkyubin) is used, the receiving member pays the charge (chakubarai). 
  8. After using the equipment, members should keep it until another member requests it, or return it to the equipment coordinator at a convenient time. Again, if a parcel delivery service is used, the charge has to be paid by the members requesting the equipment.
  9. Members should make sure the equipment is cleaned and dried after use. If the equipment has been damaged or lost, the equipment coordinator should be informed. 
  10. Damaged equipment or lost equipment has to be repaired or replaced by the member in charge. For these specific cases, costs have to be discussed with the committee.
  11. If members want to use the equipment with non-members, they may only do so with the permission of the committee.

2013 republished.